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About Us - The ShowDogVideoPros Story

June and Irv Krukenkamp - founders of the video company - are just like you: passionate "dog people". June was a professional handler and Irv a well-known Dalmatian breeder. They joined forces 30 + years ago to develop their kennel - The Next Generation (TNG) - and have produced top winning AKC and International Champion Dalmatians and Bull Terriers.

June's heart dog "Fergie" was #1 Colored Bull Terrier in 2003, winning the Breed at Westminster that year. Irv's favorite "Mikey" finished his championship in 7 countries, was the top ranked Dalmatian in Europe for years, and produced winning get literally around the world.

June and Irv were frustrated with the overall lack of quality in several video and photo products available in the dog show world. They wanted tight shots and zooms of the dogs on profile, and zoomed in views of the over and back, and side gait, so that they could properly study conformation and movement.

And, they wanted the breeding information (registered name, sire and dam) on-screen as a permanent record, and not just spoken out loud on the video, along with all of the other noises and chatter at a dog show. So, Voila! ShowDogVideoPros was born with a new concept, a fresh format, and a passion for the dog show world!

Their backstory is equally interesting.  Irv is a retired Cardiothoracic Surgeon who performed over 4,000 open heart procedures (valves, coronary bypass, aortic replacement), served as President of the American Heart Association, and won many NIH research grants & awards.  June is a retired Navy Medical Technician who served in Saudi Arabia during operation Desert Storm to set up a field hospital in the desert sands.  June rose to the rank of Chief, and in post-service civilian life applied her skills in diagnostic lab services as a medical technician.

Through their company, ShowDogVideoPros, June and Irv have now filmed over 750 National Specialty Shows for over 100 Breeds in the last 15 years.  They pioneered the use of the Internet for distribution of dog show video, first by use of their "webcam" service and then as the very first company to provide "LIVE" streaming video.  They brought high definition video, nonlinear digital editing, and the highest resolution 4K video services to the dog show arena.  Currently they are expanding their video services to include robotic video coverage and ringside Instant Playback services.