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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
How do I watch my dog, or the show, on line?

We provide both a LIVE stream video feed during the judging each day, and a RECORDED video stream to watch 24/7 after the show.

To get started, please purchase a Ticket for the show (click the main menu option for Tickets).  Most folks buy a Ticket for the LIVE SHOW.  Be sure to select the proper Breed / Show you want.  Collie tickets will not work for Shelties, and so on.

Once you make payment, you will receive a Ticket Number.  Use our main menu to select "Shows" and click on the button for your show.  On that page you will find a big red button for the LIVE Show (provided the show is going on at that time).   You will also find green buttons labeled day-by-day where you can access the RECORDED video for each day.

Click either the red button (LIVE SHOW) or green buttons (RECORDED VIDEO).  You will get a sign in page.  Enter your Ticket number and voila!  The video player loads.  Click Play and Enjoy the show(s)!

How long does my Streaming Video Ticket last?

The quick answer is that ALL of our streaming video tickets now expire at the stroke of midnight on December 31st of the particular year.  You will lose access to the on line streaming videos for a given year at 12:01am on New Year's Day of the next year.

We have offered many other streaming video options and durations over the last 15 years.  Many of our customers are familiar with our prior "Univesal Pass" that provided 365 days of access.  We were able to offer that pass because we had separated our LIVE shows ( from our past recorded shows (

Sadly, due to lack of viewership at BISSflix, we had to close that site and bring our recorded shows back to - effective March 15, 2023.  Accordingly, we can no longer support multiple expiry systems.

So now, all streaming video tickets expire at one time, Dec. 31st each year.

How do I get my own copy of the Videos?

We offer recorded videos from each show in digital format delivered on USB Flash drives.  We no longer offer DVDs, Blu-Rays, or VHS tape recordings.

Please click "Store" from the main menu to buy your copy of the show videos.

At our online store, select the Breed and Show of interest.  You will find that we offer many different videos and packages at various discount rates.  In general, the more hours of video you order, the cheaper the price per hour of video.

We also offer custom edited videos of "Just Your Dog".  You may order your dog's video for one class or many.

DO NOT POST our production videos to social media.

YOU MAY POST your custom edited videos of just your dog to social media.

Help!  My dog is in the ring right now.  My Ticket doesn't work.

We are very sorry for your trouble(s).  The single fastest way to get on line right now is to just purchase a NEW ticket.  Be sure to use an email address **different** than your original ticket purchase (our ticket system prohibits one email address holding duplicate ticket types).

After you have watched your dog and things settle down, please email to us directly about the problem.  We will try to figure out what went wrong for you.  We will also arrange a refund for the duplicate ticket purchase.

I don't know what is wrong.  The stream just won't play.  What should I do?

Quick Fix:  Use Google Chrome as your Browser.  Be sure that you are using the most current Chrome version.  In the Chrome menu click "Clear Browsing Data" then clear recent files and data.  Move to the fastest internet connection available.  Avoid satellite connections as their increased latency may cause the stream to hang.

Our streaming platform uses the Google Cloud Services and Vimeo players.  It has been tested worldwide and found to be stable on virtually every device under even the most challenging internet conditions.

Nevertheless, the single most common reason that streaming video will not play correctly is that your local Internet Bandwidth connection is too slow!  This is particularly true for public wifi connections at hotels or restaurants, and cell phone "hotspot" connections.

Regardless of your connection type, the number of computers between yours and the streaming video servers, as well as the prevailing amount of Internet traffic, may affect your effective Internet download speed. This is particularly true for International guests.

Finally, in rare circumstances, your device is too old or not capable of playing streaming video.  Occasionally we have users trying to watch using the AOL browser on a Windows 95 machine.  Sorry, but that will not work!

My Picture is "Blurry".  What is the Problem?

“Blurry Picture” – You may notice that the player switches between ‘clear’ and ‘blurry’.  This means that the player is ‘adapting’ to the instantaneous internet speed available between the Google Cloud (Vimeo) server and your location.

You may be able to change this behavior if you want.  For users of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Internet Explorer running on OSX or Windows, click on the gear icon to the lower right of the player.  Select a constant speed level.  Bigger number means faster connection and clearer picture.  Smaller number means slower connection and less clear picture.

For folks watching on an iPhone or iPad using Safari or Chrome, you will NOT be able to choose a single resolution.  There are technical reasons why this is so, which have to do with how the browsers work on the iOS platform.

The LIVE Video Stream seems "Delayed".  Why is this?

Yes, the video is 'delayed' 20 - 30 seconds from "real time".  To accomplish 'adaptation' (auto switching bandwidth & resolution to adapt to varying internet connection speeds) the Live Streaming Video Player needs to buffer.

There is a 10 second live edge server buffer, and up to a 20 second local video player buffer.

If the buffer period seems long or annoying, you can restart the player to get as close as possible to the "live edge" - the very most recent live streaming video.

I keep getting "Streaming Conflict" Error.  What is going on?

Our Ticket Security System checks for new streaming sessions every time you sign in, every time you load a new browser page, and every few seconds while you are watching the streaming video.

Please remember that our terms of service allow only ONE active stream per ticket at a time.

If you forget to sign out, the next time you sign in it will appear that a 2nd session is starting, and the error will fire.  If you sign in using Safari (or Firefox or IE) and then switch to Chrome (or another browser) it will appear that a 2nd session is starting, and the error will fire.  If you switch from Chrome on your laptop to Chrome on your PC, again it will appear that a 2nd session is starting and the error will fire.

Also, if you are signed in and your spouse tries to sign in at the same time on a different device or in a different location, the opening of a 2nd session will fire the error.

The BEST PRACTICE is to sign in on one device with one browser, watch the show, then sign out ***before*** switching to another device or browser.  This will avoid triggering the error warning.

Why can't somebody just call me for help?

We're very sorry, but it is just not possible for us to call you and "talk you through" using the streaming video service.

During the show, we are ringside filming.  We cannot talk on the phone.  Anything that we say out loud will be recorded on the video!!

Besides, we are actively filming and live streaming.  These are labor intensive tasks that require our full attention to be sure that we do not miss any moment of each dog's performance, and overall, the judging.

Over the last 15 years of doing this, we have made significant improvements to our website and service offerings - listening at all times to you, our customers.  We offer extensive self-help context relevant navigation and this FAQ to answer nearly any conceivable question or issue.

Of course, we would be happy to provide additional info by email, but those communications just have to wait until after we finish filming for the day.  Again, we are very busy at the show filming.  We really cannot get into extensive conversations on the phone or by email during show hours.

Which streaming video Ticket should I buy?

We offer five different streaming video Ticket types to (hopefully) serve a full spectrum of individual needs.

  1. The majority of our customers want to watch the LIVE streaming video for one Breed, one show.  You should buy the LIVE SHOW TICKET ($49.00).  Please be sure to select the correct show and/or Breed.  If you select 'Collies' but want to watch 'Shelties' you will be disappointed.  A Collie Ticket will NOT work for the Sheltie show!
  2. We have many enthusiasts who want to watch more than one LIVE show in a year, and maybe even some of our prior shows.  By far the most economical Ticket for you will be our ALL ACCESS TICKET ($99.00).  It provides full access to ALL shows, ALL Breeds, ALL years.
  3. Some folks want to view past shows for a particular Breed.  Our PAST SHOWS TICKET ($49.00) will work best for you.  Again, please be sure to purchase the correct Breed (A Sammie Ticket will not work for Dobermans...)
  4. If you want to watch the current LIVE show PLUS prior shows for ONE Breed, we offer a discounted SINGLE BREED TICKET ($69.00) for this kind of access.

What's Included in a Streaming Video Ticket?
  1. We film conformation events only.  Performance events (Obedience, Rally, Agility, etc.) are not included.
  2. For LIVE shows, the "Live Show Tickets" access the LIVE streaming video in real time as judging is going on during show hours plus RECORDED streaming video available 24/7 after judging is over each day.
  3. For Past shows, the "Past Show Tickets" access our fully edited, titled, and produced videos for all previous shows, all years recorded for a single Breed.
  4. ALL streaming video tickets expire on the 1st day of the new year, regardless of the date of purchase.
    Tickets purchased in 2023 will expire on 01/01/2024.

Our streaming service includes TWO separate streams being sent to the streaming servers simultaneously - 1 for the LIVE stream, and 1 separate class-by-class Recorded video upload for streaming later.  If the LIVE feed goes off, the RECORDED feed will not miss anything. It will include the entire video for streaming later.

The ShowDogVideoPros streaming service is brought to you with NO commercials, NO advertising, and NO Solicitations.  All shows are filmed by Breeders (us) for Breeders (you) and NOT as Entertainment Sporting events.  Our streams are not edited for time or commercials.

How Does the Ticket Work?

ShowDogVideoPros uses a TICKET-based streaming video admission service.  It works just like a regular AMC, Regal, or Fandango movie theater.  

ONE Ticket admits ONE user to watch on ONE device at a time connected to the Streaming Video Service.

You are NOT ALLOWED to "share" your Ticket with other users, just as AMC will NOT allow you to pass your ticket on to the next person in line for admission into the movies!

ShowDogVideoPros "Ticket Security" includes a user & device detection / authentication security system.  We can detect the "who, what, & where" every time you sign in, using complex geolocation and device characteristic authentication algorithms.  

We can immediately detect whether an unauthorized user - other than the Ticket Holder - has signed in using someone else's Ticket Number.   If that happens, the Ticket Number and account will be immediately suspended, and access to the streaming video cut-off!

How do I Retrieve My Ticket Number & Info
  1. To Retrieve Your Ticket Number you will need the email address that you used at the time of purchase and your Security Code. Enter the info here:
    Retrieve Ticket Number
  2. To Retrieve Your Ticket Info (which Shows / Breeds are included) you will need the Ticket Number that was sent to you at the time of purchase. Enter the info here:
    Retrieve Ticket Info
What events do you film and/or LIVE Stream?
We film conformation events only.  Performance events (Obedience, Rally, Agility, etc.) are not included.

We will film / LIVE stream Dogs, Bitches, Best of Variety, Best of Breed, NonRegular Classes, Futurity, Maturity, Sweepstakes (Puppy, Veteran, Working, Breeders, etc), 4-6m Puppies, Top 20's, Versatility Conformation, Showcase events, & Parades.

Basically, we will film any event that is occurring in the main show ring where our camera is set up, with the exception of performance events.
Can I get a custom video made featuring just my dog?
YES!  We offer a custom edited product aptly titled "Just My Dog".  We take the show video recorded for each class that your dog appears and edit the footage to show predominantly only your dog.  During the individual exam we isolate a section and put your dog into slow motion - which is really cool - and a great way to study movement!

The custom edit also includes on-screen titling, any awards that your dog may have won (e.g., "Winners", or "Best in"), and is finished with big academy-award type production music.

It is OK to post these custom edited videos to your website, Facebook, YouTube or other social media.

To order, please go to our Store and select your Breed / Show.
How are my copies of the show videos delivered?
Our production videos are delivered on a USB Flash Drive.  It will be on a standard (USB type A) drive that will fit in most computers and TV's.

Newer computers, and many cell phones, require a USB-C type drive.  You will need an adapter to convert from the standard USB-A to USB-C connection.  Such adapters are usually included with your purchase of the computer or phone.  If you no longer have such an adapter, Amazon sells them on line. Here is one such adapter:  USB-C | USB-A Adapter

If you have an iPhone or iPad with a lightning connector, you may need this kind of adapter:  Ligtning | USB-A Adapter

Can I play the videos on my Phone or Tablet?
YES, you can!  We encode the videos in standard h.264 codec.  The files have the standard .mp4 extension.  The videos will play on any phone, tablet, TV, or computer.

You MAY need an adapter to convert from the standard USB-A to USB-C connection.  Such adapters are usually included with your purchase of the computer or phone.  If you no longer have such an adapter, Amazon sells them on line. Here is one such adapter:  USB-C | USB-A Adapter

If you have an iPhone or iPad with a lightning connector, you may need this kind of adapter:  Ligtning | USB-A Adapter

How long does it take to get my videos?
We generally quote a production time of 6 to 8 weeks ***after*** the show.

Post production is a very laborious, time-intensive project.  We rough cut edit the show, place the complete AKC information for every dog on-screen, and add all of the awards and placements.

The videos need to be re-encoded with this information into our production codec, and then orders fulfilled on an individual basis.  These processes take time!

However, at some times of the year, and under certain schedules, we may produce your videos in a much shorter timeframe.  We will let you know at the show about our predicted production timeframe, and we also post our post production schedule on our website after filming a block of shows.
Can I make a copy of the videos or post them on line?
NO!  When you purchase your own copy of the videos on USB Flash drive, you are granted an individual license to ***view*** the videos only.  It is a violation of our copyright to copy the videos or to distribute the videos by any means (e.g., digitally on flash drive, computer drive, by internet cloud service, email, social media, or website).

The ShowDogVideoPros digital videos are encoded with a digital watermark that is easily recognizable and trackable.  Any unauthorized copy or redistribution of our videos constitutes a violation of our terms of service and our copyright.  Such matters are taken very seriously and carry severe penalties.

The one exception is your custom edited product called "JUST MY DOG".  Those videos are custom made just for you, and may be copied or distributed at will either online, on social media, or by digital means.  The "JUST MY DOG" videos are entirely yours to handle and enjoy!
How much do the videos cost?
In general, the more hours of video you purchase, the higher the cost.  We do offer discounts for large packages of videos, which decreases the price per hour.

A single class video lists for $55.00.  We offer custom edited videos of just your dog starting at $75.00.  For many shows, we offer bundled videos (e.g. Puppy Sweepstakes) for $75 to $100.00.

In general, our pricing is based on the number of entries to be filmed and the number of hours each event lasts.  Please check out our products for your Show or Breed at our online Store.