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1. Basic Info About Filming Your Show

We've been filming Nationals for the last 15 years.  We've done over 750 shows for 100+ Breeds.  Our portfolio includes both "big" and "small" clubs.  Check out our current filming schedule at this page for a sample of shows we are doing this year:    Upcoming Shows

At the show, we integrate with your club & set up.  We do need space ringside, usually at the end of the down and back.  We set up a main camera there, and a robotic remotely controlled camera at the midpoint of the other side.  At our main setup, we have TVs pointing each way for spectators and Judge's Ed, etc to see our views.  We always have outstanding views on exam and movement because we are really zoomed in.  At our setup we include an INSTANT PLAYBACK viewing system (multiple monitors) for folks to come out of the ring and immediately see their dog's video.

We film and live stream in 1080p High Definition video using 4k cameras.  To be honest, both judges and spectators are commonly "blown away" by the quality of the video!

For LIVE Streaming, we sell Tickets to the show.  A ticket is ~$43 and enables the holder to view the LIVE streaming video during judging, and the RECORDED streaming video 24/7 through to the end of December of that year.

For personal hard copy video, we are totally electronic.  We distribute our videos on USB Flash Drives.  The pricing varies depending upon the amount of video purchased.  A single class is $55.  If you order a custom video of "Just My Dog" where we custom edit the video to isolate your dog, it is $75.  More inclusive video - like the Whole Show Package of every event filmed at the show - may go for $200 or so.  Our pricing is based on the number of entries filmed.  Obviously a 1200 entry show like Goldens is gonna run more than a 200 entry show.

Our production videos are fully edited and titled.  EVERY dog on screen is titled with their complete AKC info (Name, Sire, Dam, Date of Birth, Owner, Breeder, Handler, etc).  All results and placements are on the video too.

Our process is to fill out our schedule for a given year with our repeat customers.  Then we look over the AKC roster to see if there are other shows that we might fit in.  We also work closely with and have filmed many shows for them as well.   I am 100% confident that your folks will be thrilled with our work.

2. Our Business Model

We structured our business model to accommodate the fact that most purebred dog clubs are not in a position (or desire) to pay industry standard video production rates.  For the number of people, equipment, and services we provide, commercial production rates would run from $3000.00 to $5000.00 per day!  For a 4 or 5 day show, well you do the math :-)

Instead, we offer our services on-spec or at NO CHARGE to the club!!  ShowDogVideoPros bears all of the expenses upfront (travel, hotel, gas, food, FTE expense for assistants, etc).  And yes, ShowDogVideoPros keeps ALL revenues generated from video sales, including streaming video revenues as well as personalized, hard-copy video sales.  In this model, the club has zero financial risk (and zero financial gain).  Your members, guests, & breed fanciers benefit with superb LIVE streaming and permanent copy videos!

In order to make this business model profitable (revenues exceed expenses) for ShowDogVideoPros, we need a minimum amount of work.  While we occasionally will film a single day or low entry (<100 dogs) show, typically that size show is not possible for us.  When one does the math for travel to and from, FTE expenses, etc, vs the potential revenues, a single day, low entry show just does not work out.

However, please feel free to contact us for a "fee-for-service" quote if your show is anticipated to have a low entry or lasts for just 1 or 2 days.  We will do our best to work with you for custom situations.

Our typical show is >250 entries, and at least 3 days long.  It is important to note that we count "entries" to be filmed and not dogs entered.  Many clubs will host 1 or 2 Regionals followed by a National show.  If a dog is entered in each of those shows, it counts as 3 "entries".  The same would be true for multiple events, e.g., regular classes, Sweeps, & Futurity.  The same dog entered in each would count as 3 "entries".  We will consider shows with <100 dogs if there are multiple shows and events in which the dogs are competing.

Finally, with our extensive experience filming National Specialties we have determined that this business model does not work at any outdoor venues.  ShowDogVideoPros films indoor shows only!  Since we are 'at risk' for all expenses related to video production, we must be certain that our marketing and sales are optimized at the show to generate revenues in excess of expenses.  To that end, we cannot put up viewing and playback TVs that are visible at outside venues.  Further, folks tend to stick to their chairs and not mull around ("shop") as much at outdoor shows.  And, of course, we cannot control the weather - hot/cold, rain, snow, high wind, lightning, etc - that impacts how long an exhibitor or potential customer is available to us outdoors.  So, in short, WE DO NOT FILM OUTDOOR SHOWS!

3. What Must The Club Provide At The Show?

(A) Set Up Schedule:     Our typical set up takes us about 4 - 6 hours to complete and test.  It is NOT something to start at 5:00pm at night :-).  We will need access to the site IT (Information Technology) services to assist with Internet access.  We will need access to, and our location fixed upon arrival.  We need to have "our corner" indicated and blocked off so that we can do our camera/computer setup.  Please Note: We completely understand the judging processes.  We are VERY quiet.  We know when to stop work so as to not disturb dogs in competition.We cannot wait for the site to tear down one setup (e.g., for Obedience or Agility) and reset to a conformation orientation sometime in the middle of the night.  That does NOT work.

(B) Power / Internet:     The Club will need to arrange with the local site to have a power cord and an Internet cable run to the corner that you indicate for our video setup.  That needs to be done in advance of the show and at the time we are setting up our video equipment.  Club/Show will provide these at No Charge to Video Company.

Internet Connection:  For Live Streaming Video Services, the Club/Show will arrange for a HARD WIRED (ethernet cable) connection, DEDICATED to the Live Stream, i.e. NOT on the same bandwidth as the site Wifi or whatever.   We need a ping (latency) of less than 40msec, minimum UPLOAD bandwidth of 40 Mbps and TWO (2) IP addresses - these can be either DHCP or static.  There can be no login page (or firewall).  At many sites, we "white list" our MAC addresses for our devices to drop the firewall.  And, at many sites the ISP sets up a VLAN directly to the port that our ethernet cable is plugged into.  The Club/Show pays any expenses related to the services at the show site.  (Video Company hosts Live Streaming video on its own websites and pays for CDN (Content Delivery Network - Google/Vimeo) charges at fully loaded rates.)  Club/Show will ALSO provide a standard internet connection (e.g. wifi access) at No Charge to the Video Company for processing credit cards and customer service communications during the show.

(C) Ringside Space:     We need about 5 feet on each side of the corner, and TEN FEET behind the corner to set up our equipment.  Also, please allow for an aisle behind that space.  The overall space requirement is a 10' x 10' square with an aisle behind.  Club/Show will provide ringside space immediately adjacent to the ring gates or fence at either the corner at the end of the down-and-back, or in the middle of the ring at the end of the down-and-back.

(D) Tables / Chairs:    Please arrange for FOUR of each.  We require full size 8 foot conference tables (not 'split' tables).  We can work with 6 foot tables, but may need more of those.

(E) Parking:    We require NO CHARGE parking or a parking permit as close as feasible to the location of our video set up.  We will need to access our vehicle for supplementary (or emergency) supplies during the day, particularly if something goes wrong.  We cannot be walking to "Outer Mongolia" to access these materials.

4. What Must The Club Provide IN ADVANCE Of The Show?

(A) Will list ShowDogVideoPros as Videographer in the Show Premium, Judging Program, Catalog, and on the National Specialty website.  The listing shall include company name, website link, address, phone number and e-mail address.

(B) Will publish a Video Policy and Release in the Show Premium, Judging Program, Catalog and online at the National Specialty website.  The following language is recommended:

The professional video services and live streaming at this show are governed by an exclusive video contract with the Club.  No other commercial video recording, video recording from a tripod, monopod or other supported camera/device, or any video recording or streaming of large parts or whole classes shall be permitted.  The contract terms permit individuals to record small bits of video of their own dogs only, and using handheld devices only (e.g. phone, tablet or small camcorder).  Individuals may post recorded videos of their own dogs to social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc).  However, during show hours LIVE Broadcast Streaming to social media (e.g., Facebook Live) is not permitted.   Submission of an entry form and/or physical presence on the show grounds shall constitute both implied and real consent for both the handler and the dog to be professionally video recorded and streamed live only by the professional video services as contracted by the Club for this show.

(C) Will publish a Video Rights and Broadcast Policy in accordance with AKC Policy in the Show Premium, Judging Program, Catalog, and online at the National Specialty website.  The following language is recommended:

All rights to video record and live stream or otherwise exploit this event and/or the persons or animals participating in it, including the names, likenesses and biographical matter of dogs, owners, handlers, breeders and kennels participating in the event shall belong solely to the show giving Club and/or the American Kennel Club, Inc.   No spectator, participant, owner, handler, breeder or kennel shall make commercial use of any video recordings of any person or animal participating in this event without prior written approval from the Club.  This event may not be broadcast to social media (e.g. Facebook Live, etc) without prior written approval from the Club.

IMPORTANT: If a video release is not published in the Premium and the Judging Program, we may not be able to film your show!

(D) Club will provide a complimentary (Free) copy of the catalog that pertains to each event to be recorded, e.g. Futurity, Sweeps, Conformation, Top 20, etc.

5. Additional Considerations

(A) Professional Photographers:     Contracted show “win-shot” photographers and/or “candid” photographers may take professional still photographs only and shall be prohibited from using or occupying Video Company ringside space. Professional photographers shall not record, stream, or sell video of any form or kind.

(B) Private or Individual Video Recording, Broadcast, or Streaming:    Individuals (owners, breeders, handlers, spectators, club members, etc) may record video of their own dog(s) using iPhones, iPads, or other handheld devices only.  Video recording from a tripod or monopod mounted camera, or any video recording or streaming of whole classes or large show segments is NOT ALLOWED.

(C) Commercial Video Recording, Broadcast, or Streaming:     Contracted commercial video recording (e.g. Animal Planet, ESPN, etc), video recording from a tripod or monopod mounted camera, or any video recording or streaming of large segments of the show by any entity, agency or individual at the same events IS PROHIBITED while ShowDogVideoPros is filming.

(D) Local News Crews or Media:     ShowDogVideoPros permits, and encourages, local / national news media coverage.  The Video Company will allow professional news media coverage (tripod mounted cameras, professional film crews, news reporters).

(E) Host Site, AKC, or Parent Club Video:     ShowDogVideoPros acknowledges that the Parent Club, the show-giving authority (e.g., AKC – American Kennel Club) and / or the host site may record segments of video solely for the purpose of education or advertising, which are not in direct conflict with the production of video products for sale of this event.  However, streaming video during the show is strictly forbidden.

(F) Unforeseen Events:    Club/Show agrees that in the event of extreme weather or other extraordinary unforeseen circumstances such as equipment damage or loss in shipment, videographer’s emergency (illness, accident, etc) or unplanned travel delays, that the Video Company will be held harmless if it is unable to provide videography services in part or in whole at this event.

Dated March 01, 2023